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Frozen Architecture

Frozen Architecture was curated by Robert Krawczyk, Associate Professor, College of Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology. The images on display were collected and created by the Electron Microscope Unit of the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, United States Department of Agricultural, Beltsville, Maryland.

In conjunction with Frozen Architecture, EKG presents LabStudio, a new collaboration between PennDesign’s Non-Linear Systems Organization (NSO), and UPenn’s Institute for Medicine and Engineering (IME). This exhibit features recent research projects between the NSO and the IME, detailing how non-linear architectural analysis of biological Surface design, Motility and Networking can generate new paradigms and hypotheses in Biomedicine, resulting in new models for experimental and Dynamic Architecture.

All photographs and drawings remain copyright of the LabStudio. If you wish to receive material please contact us.