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Current News and Events

Sabin named USA Knight Fellow! Each year, United States Artists honors 50 of America’s finest artists with individual fellowship awards.

Sabin Delivers Keynote Lecture, at Ambience '11 ... where art, technology and design meet, Boras, Sweden.

Erica Savig awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, funding 3 years of PhD research in data visualization for cancer biology.

Andrew Lucia presents the co-authored paper Rethinking Xenakis and the Role of Information in the Immediate Production of Architectural Affects at the MIA-AIM (Music in Architecture-Architecture in Music) Symposium, University of Texas, Austin.

"LabStudio: Designing New Research Tools at the Intersection of Science and Architecture" presented by Erica Savig at "Tweak! Modding disciplines with inventive tools" conference at the University of California, Davis. http://tweak.ucdavis.edu/

Andrew Lucia presents the LabStudio co-authored paper Memory, Difference, and Information: Generative Architectures Latent to Material & Perceptual Plasticity at the 2011 Information Visualization Conference, London.

Sabin Studio commissioned by APS Museum to design & build a greenhouse pavilion, Philadelphia! American Philosophical Society Museum

Meander, Variegating Architecture by Kolatan and Sabin featured in Top 10 list at AA Bookshop!

Jenny Sabin lectures in AAIANY Tech Series, 4/12 6pm; Center for Architecture, Tafel Hall, 536 LaGuardia Place, NYC

Andrew Lucia commissioned as artistic director of Biennale: a multimedia opera in 5 acts (Wendy Stiener, libretto and co-director) with grant support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Weaving Lecture Series at ICA; 4/6 6:30pm; Architecture: A lecture w/ Jenny Sabin, “Weaving as Metaphor Lecture Series”


Smart Geometry 2011, Sabin & Savig help organize Building the Invisible: Informing Digital Design with Real World Data, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sabin Public Lecture, “Between Architecture & Science: Material Analogs”, AAIA Tech Series, Center for Architecture, Philadelphia

Working Prototypes: Design, fabricate & test Opens at Design Hub Barcelona (DHUB), Barcelona, Spain

Sabin lectures in the fall architecture lecture series at Cornell

Sabin lectures on Digital Ceramics at ACADIA 2010

Meander, Variegating Architecture, a book by Kolatan & Sabin, launches at ACADIA 2010

Jenny Sabin named 2010 Pew Fellow!

LabStudio awarded $2,000,000 NSF/SEED grant for development of next generation building skins. Press release here.

Sabin, Jones and Lucia of PennDesign & the School of Medicine along with Yang, Engheta and Van der Spiegel of the School of Engineering and Applied Science awarded $2,000,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) EFRI-SEED grant! The title of their awarded proposal is: "Energy Minimization via Multi-Scalar Architectures: From Cell Contractility to Sensing Materials to Adaptive Building Skins". EFRI stands for "Emerging Frontiers in Research Innovation" and the subtopic SEED stands for "Science in Energy and Environmental Design". Their proposal seeks to explore materiality from nano- to macroscales based upon understanding of non-linear, dynamic human cell behaviors on geometrically-defined substrates. The insights as to how cells can modify their immediate extracellular matrix (ECM) microenvironment with minimal energy and maximal effect will lead to the biomimetic design and engineering of highly aesthetic, passive materials, and sensors and imagers that will be integrated into responsive building skins at the architectural scale.

LabStudio begins the pilot project for the Breadboard Residency Program. LabStudio will have access to NextFab Studio resources, personnel and workshop space for the Fall of 2010. Project information and team bios can be viewed HERE. LabStudio’s primary focus will be on the use of NextFab’s 3D Laser Scanner and 3D printers to further their research.

LabStudio posting to 3D Printing in AEC blog discussing 2010 International Smart Geometry Conference held in Barcelona at IaaC.

Sabin, Jones, and Lucia lecture as part of the Whatron Advanced Management Program.

UPenn School of Design Teaching Awards Announced: Sabin awarded G. Holmes Perkins Award for Distinguished Teaching by a member of the associated faculty.

Sabin & Jones awarded Graham Grant to produce and publish LabBook, a book capturing the first phase of their collaboration.

Motility research featured in the Seeing Science segment of the Biomedical Computation Review.  The article, "Architectural Computation Visualizes Cell Choreography," was written by Katherine Miller. http://biomedicalcomputationreview.org/6/3/9.pdf

Erica Savig awarded a 3-year Stanford Graduate Research Fellowship, funding her work in Stanford's Cancer Biology PhD Program.

2009 SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING VISUALIZATION CHALLENGE WINNERS ANNOUNCED. Sabin+Jones project Branching Morphogenesis wins first place for Illustration category and featured on cover of Science Magazine.

Branching Morphogenesis on display at the Futurelab within Ars Electronica , Linz Austria-European Cultural Capital 2009. On view through 2010.



Past News and Events

Kick-off Meeting for NSF/Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI) PENN Project
Location: Upper Gallery of Meyerson Hall, 1st Floor, School of Design, PENN. 8:40 am to 6:30 pm.
Poster downloadable here.

Sabin+Jones to present "Design and Nonlinear Systems Biology: LabStudio" for the Penn Humanities Forum on Connections, 2009–2010.

Smart Geometry 2010 in Barcelona: Sabin+Jones LabStudio to teach one of ten core workshop clusters at the annual Smart Geometry Workshop and Conference. Additional information on the event and how to apply may be found here: http://www.smartgeometry.org/content/sg-2010-workshop-clusters

Download Conference Poster

Sabin+Jones and Lucia to give talk "Nonlinear Systems and Design" for the Penn Interactive Media Colloquium and Wharton Interactive Media Initiative. Registration required.

LabStudio installation Ground Substance featured on the front cover of the American Journal of Pathology, February 2010 issue.

Branching Morphogenesis featured on SuckerPUNCH Daily.

The Sabin+Jones LabStudio would like to congratulate Dr. Mina J Bissell for being featured on the front page of the New York Times (12-29-09), in an article entitled Forty Years' War: Old Ideas Spur New Approaches in Cancer Fight.

This article addresses the radical, yet logical idea that cell and tissue context are major determinants in development and disease, including the genesis of breast cancer.

Dr. Peter Lloyd Jones, co-director of LabStudio trained as a post-doctoral researcher with Mina J Bissell at The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories (1992-94) . Since then, his research has focused upon the role of tissue context in driving lung development, lung disease and breast cancer. Since context is defined to a large extent by 3-D architecture, links beween architects and scientists within LabStudio are helping to unravel how function follows form in human health and disease. The latest installment of this collaborative story will be presented as a cover-featured research manuscript in the February, 2010 issue of The American Journal of Pathology.....watch this space for more details.

Jenny E. Sabin participates in ACADIA 09: reForm(), Chicago.

Ground Substance exhibited as part of the Fertile Ground exhibition at the Ice Box Gallery in Philadelphia. Opening Reception October 13th. View press release.

"A show like this inevitably makes you want to ask: Is this the appearance of a new Philadelphia School? The original arose in 1961 when Progressive Architecture magazine published an article declaring Philadelphia a hotbed of architectural rebellion and anointed Venturi, Louis Kahn, and Romaldo Giurgola as its ringleaders......"
Inga Saffron, Architecture critic, The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 9, 2009

Sabin+Jones to deliver a keynote presentation at the "What is Human" conference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Jenny E. Sabin lectures at the California College of the Arts (CCA) as part of their fall lecture series.

Jenny E. Sabin lectures at the inaugural event for the new School of Architecture, University of Puerto Rico, Ponce. Participants include William MacDonald, Evan Douglas, Karl Chu, Tom Wiscombe + others.

Labstudio to participate in Siggraph 2009 Design and Computation Gallery. 2009 Participants include Janet Echelman/Buro Happold, Greg Lynn/FORM, Sabin+Jones/LabStudio, designtoproduction, su11.

Peter Lloyd Jones to lecture at The University of Michigan, Division of Cardiology on "Pulmonary vascular development and disease". Lecture will include ongoing work from the Sabin+Jones LabStudio.

Opening reception of The FAB Show at the Esther M. Klein Art Gallery including work from the Sabin+Jones LabStudio and Nonlinear Systems Biology and Design ARCH 745, a graduate elective co-taught by Sabin and Jones at the School of Design, Dept of Architecture.

The FAB Show will feature several digital fabricators. The FAB Show will feature two open-source Fabber projects Fab@Home and MakerBot, along with artists, designers and researchers who are currently using this technology including Sabin+Jones LabStudio, Mark Ganter and Bathsheba Grossman.

Opening reception of "1:5:25 Emergent Perspectives" at the Slought Foundation including work from the Sabin+Jones LabStudio.

This is a selection of short video productions by emerging architects who actively use video to articulate what can be called space beyond immediate rights. Architectures in these video selection share little of ideologies and technologies, but share much in common search for the extra human, extra spatial and extra narrative.

Jenny Sabin participates in "Ignite Philly" at Johnny Brenda’s. Sabin will present a short talk on Labstudio titled "You got your studio in my lab!”

review of 2009 Smart Geometry Workshop featuring work of Erica Savig.

Erica Savig to present paper and participate in "Objects of Knowledge, Objects of Exchange: Contours of (Inter)disciplinarity" at Harvard University.

Jenny Sabin participates in the Smart Geometry 2009 Workshop as a senior tutor. Sabin lectures at the Smart Geometry 2009 Conference.

Erica Savig participates in the Smart Geometry 2009 Workshop as a student on full Bentley Scholarship. Savig selected as 1 of 14 master class participants at the conclusion of the 2009 Smart Geometry Workshop

Jenny E. Sabin lectures at: Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP)
Ware Lounge, 6th Floor, Avery Hall
6:30pm, February 24
Organized by Roland Snooks

Peter Lloyd Jones lectures on the Sabin+Jones LabStudio initiative at the Vera Moulton Wall Center for Pulmonary Vascular Diseases at Stanford University

LabStudio featured in the January/February PennGazette.

Peter Lloyd Jones lectures on the Sabin+Jones LabStudio initiative at the University of California at San Francisco, Department of Surgery, San Francisco General Hospital

LabStudio presents latest findings at the 2008 American Society for Cell Biology Meeting in San Francisco, California. Three abstract presentations include work by Sabin, Jones, Savig, Tamby, Karamanian, Lucia & Sweeney

Final Review of student work from Nonlinear Biosynthesis ARCH 745, a graduate elective co-taught by Sabin and Jones, School of Design, Dept of Architecture. Critics include William Braham, Peter F. Davies, Annette Fierro, Mary Ann Friel, Ferda Kolatan, Sanford Kwinter, Andrew Lucia, and Peter McLeary.

Jenny Sabin Lectures @ M.I.T's School of Architecture-Computation Group.

Jenny Sabin presents at lucidnyc.

Complexity, Emergence & Self-Organization panel chaired by Sabin at ACADIA 2008: Silicon + Skin, Biological Processes & Computation

Nonlinear Systems Biology & Design: Surface Design by Sabin & Jones with Murata, McInerny, Wang & Taraseviciute featured at
ACADIA 2008: Silicon + Skin, Biological Processes & Computation

Nonlinear Systems Biology & Design: Surface Design by Sabin & Jones with Murata, McInerny, Wang & Taraseviciute featured at Advances in Architectural Geometry, Vienna Austria

Annual Siggraph exhibition opens in LA  featuring work by Zaha Hadid, Frank Ghery, Morphosis, Erwin Hauer, Jenny Sabin + LabStudio's Branching Morphogenesis.

FIBER opens at the F.U.E.L.Collection, 249 Arch Street, Philadelphia. Thursday, April 24, 6-9pm. Featuring student work from the graduate studios and seminars taught by Jenny Sabin and Peter Lloyd Jones.

Sabin and Jones present their collaborative research at the annual Nonlinear Systems Organizationconference at PennDesign.

Sabin's research and design work on the spatial and structural properties of #9 featured in Cecil Balmond's new book: Element.

Smart Geometry 2008 Workshop and Conference, Munich Germany. Featuring tutors and speakers such as Kaustuv De Biswas, Stylianos Dritsas, Onur Gun, Axel Kilian, Andrew Kudless, Achim Menges, Jenny Sabin, Steve Sanderson, Patrik Schumacher, Brett Steele, Chris Williams + more.

Sabin and Jones speak about their collaborative research at Terms of Engagement and exhibit their students' work from Nonlinear Biosynthesis in WORK WORK WORK, UPenn.

9am, Meyerson Hall, University of Pennsylvania.
Final Review of student work from Nonlinear Biosynthesis ARCH 745, a graduate elective co-taught by Sabin and Jones, School of Design, Dept of Architecture. Critics include Detlef Mertins, Annette Fierro, Rhett Russo, Peter Davies, Bill Braham and Matthias Hollwich

Sabin to present co-authored paper "Nonlinear Biosynthesis, Visionary Shell and Spatial Structures” (authored by Sabin and Jones) at the IASS Symposium titled "Shell and Spatial Structures: Structural Architecture – Towards the future, looking to the Past", Venice, Italy

306090, issue on MODELS featuring Olafur Eliasson, Cecil Balmond, Peter Lloyd Jones, Jenny Sabin, Eric Ellingsen, Axel Kilian + more

work on "Nonlinear Biosynthesis" featured in AIArchitect.

12pm, Esther Klein Art Gallery, 3600 Market Street, Philadelphia, Lunchtime talk by Jenny E. Sabin and Peter Lloyd Jones on new work from LabStudio: Surface Design, Motility and Networking

 Sabin and Jones awarded AIA Upjohn Research Grant  for their work on Nonlinear Biosynthesis

Frozen Architecture Meets Dynamic Architecture at the Esther Klein Art Gallery, University City Science Museum, new work from LabStudio: Surface Design, Motility and Networking

2007 Awardees of Translational Engineering Postdoctoral Fellowships, Co-Advisors: Peter L. Jones (School of Medicine) and Jenny E. Sabin (Nonlinear Systems Organization, School of Design), 'Archtiectural Algorithms to Generate Personalized 4D Phenotypic Signatures for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Patients.'

Jenny Sabin (PennDesign, NSO, IME) and Peter Lloyd Jones (IME, Dept of Pathology UPenn, NSO) launch a new collaboration at the Institute for Medicine and Engineering (IME) and the Nonlinear Systems Organization (NSO)

"Cross-Catalytic Architectures", Slought Foundation, 4017 Walnut St., Philadelphia, featuring Cecil Balmond, Peter Lloyd Jones, Peter Davies, Jenny E. Sabin and David Ruy

Architecture Bits, the Annual NSO Conference at PennDesign with lectures by Peter Lloyd Jones, Peter Davies, Jenny Sabin, Helene Furjan + others

Jenny E. Sabin and Peter Lloyd Jones co-chair seminar between the Institute for Medicine and Engineering (IME) and PennDesign at UPenn with Matilida McQuaid, Curator, Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum








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