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2013 (forthcoming) LabBook By Sabin and Jones

LabBook, an image-rich monograph, will describe and illustrate the ongoing collaboration between Sabin & Jones, an architect and cell biologist, who run a joint LabStudio within the Institute for Medicine and Engineering and the School of Design, University of Pennsylvania. 


Peer-Reviewed Papers

2012 Forthcoming

Lucia and Sabin.  “Rethinking Xenakis and the Role of Information in the Immediate Production of Architectural Affects” proceedings of the MIA-AIM (Music in Architecture-Architecture in Music) Symposium, in CENTER, University of Austin, Texas.


Lucia, Sabin, and Jones.  “Memory, Difference, and Information: Generative Architectures Latent to Material & Perceptual Plasticity” Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Information Visualisation, IEEE Computer Society. London. pp. 379-388, 2011.



Savig, Lucia, Tamby, Sabin and Jones “Architecture + Cell Biology: Computational Images of Dynamic Cell Systems” in the Mellon Graduate Student Conference, Objects of Knowledge, Objects of Exchange, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA, April 3-4 2009.



Klinger, Lucia, Sweeney, Sabin and Jones “Cellular Potts Modeling of Matrix-Dependent Endothelial Cell Networking” in Biophysical Society 53rd Annual Meeting Abstract : Bacteria & Motile Cells: Mechanics, Motility, & Signal Transduction.



Klinger, Lucia, Sweeney, Sabin & Jones “Mathematical Modeling of Matrix-Dependent Endothelial Cell Networking in 4-D,” in American Society For Cell Biology Annual Meeting Abstract: Bioinformatics/Biological Computing.



Sabin, J., Jones, P., w/ Murata, McInerny, Wang and Taraseviciute Nonlinear Systems Biology & Design in Advances in Architectural Geometry, Poster Session on Architectural Geometry, Vienna, Austria, October 2008.



Sabin, J. & Jones, P. Nonlinear Systems Biology and Design: Surface Designin Acadia 2008: Silicon + Skin, Biological Processes and Computation, ed. Kudless, A., Oct. 16-19, pp. 54-65, 2008.



Sabin, J. & Jones, P. “Nonlinear Biosynthesis, Visionary Shell and Spatial Structures” in IASS Shell and Spatial Structures: Structural Architecture – Towards the future, looking to the Past. Venice, Italy. Dec. 3-6 2007. 


Articles and Reviews

Dec - 2009

Peters, Terri, "Jenny Sabin Draws Connections Among Computer Science, Architecture and Cellular Biology", Mark Magazine, "Portrait Section", #23 Nov/Dec 2009, pp. 200-205.

April – 2009      

A+U, Feature: Green Architecture, April 2009 Issue, No. 461, Branching Morphogenesis featured in “Currents” section, p. 8.

Jan – 2009 

Abbott A. “Science arts centre opens in a blaze of colour: Gallery launches Linz as European City of  Culture, Nature. Published online Jan 5 2009.


Jan – 2009 

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Jan – 2009 

Popp T. An Architect Walks into the Lab, The Pennsylvania Gazette. Jan/Feb issue. pp30-39, 2009.



Siggraph 2008 Electronic Art and Animation Catalog: Art & Design Galleries, Association for Computing Machinery, Inc., NY, NY, USA.