LabStudio, co-founded by Jenny E. Sabin and Peter Lloyd Jones in 2006, is a hybrid research and design network with active members based at Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, and in Los Angeles. Within LabStudio, architects, mathematicians, materials scientists and cell biologists are actively collaborating to develop, analyze and abstract dynamic systems through the generation and design of new tools. These new approaches for modeling complexity and visualizing large datasets are subsequently applied to both architectural and scientific research. The real and virtual world that LabStudio occupies has already offered radical new insights into generative and ecological design within architecture, and it is providing new ways of seeing and measuring how dynamic living systems are formed and operate during development and in disease. Overall, the Mission of LabStudio is to produce new modes of thinking, working and creating in design and the sciences through the modeling of dynamic, multi-dimensional systems with experiments in biology, applied mathematics, fabrication and material construction.




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View an introductory video to Labstudio's work here.